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    Lives are like a play that is written and directed by the star.  The average person has a unique play that is, in some ways, similar to that of many other life stories.  Our play tells the certain story of our individual life.  As in all stories, each person's unique play contains many actors who grace the stage.  Some are main characters while others merely have a cameo.  It is from these interactions that I draw the imagery of my work.  The Characters in my work should be considered the "every person."  The viewers can then draw from the imagery what they choose to feel about a common scene that occurs in many plays.  These are stories of interaction, happiness, sadness, love and loneliness that are brought about by our relationships with the other characters in our play.  There are many stories about our characters we choose not to tell anyone:  These are stories that happen between acts, behind the curtain or off stage left.  we are not alone in the many feelings that we have or the situations in which we find ourselves.  We all go through many of the same trials to obtain similar goals, and it is through these obstacles that our great stories are told.  The goal of my work is to tell certain stories that unite the viewers in common feelings of acceptance, comfort and reassurance.